Haussmann unveils: an exclusive night with Milan's mystic duo, ORION

Milan based duo Simone Baratta and Nicolò Chenet are the force behind mysterious DJ outfit Orion. Alongside their principal cognomen, active since 2018, they’ve also banded together with Giegling’s Ateq as Pale Product for further excursions into their sonic universe. As a pair they’ve been largely flying under the radar, but perhaps not for long, their all too danceable sound is a deep, persistent fusion of influences destined for the club (take their residency at Milanese haunt Vitamina for instance). You could add their eponymous label to that too, where a growing number of ‘slow-release’ records attest to their predilection for quality over quantity. Think intimate and smoke-filled afterhours gatherings and pure camaraderie among a close-knit group of ravers. A high spirited trip across the dancefloor from saturated and dubby ambient to Detroit inclinations, courtesy of this budding techno pairing.

Support before his DJ set will be Penzie Brothers. Tom van den Berg and Jaimy Vincentie, united by years of shared beats and a love for the deep house sound echoing artists like Jacques Bon and Map.ache, they will kick off Traummann with their harmonious set

11 MAY 2024 • 23:00 – 04:00