Eindhoven, Netherlands – Step out of the everyday. Haussmann, the latest evolution in Eindhoven’s event landscape, announces a trilogy of distinct house nights, each designed to capture the essence of the genre. Introducing the Traummann, House, and Hardmann series – a proof to our collective passion for music.

Haussmann renews Eindhoven's house scene with a trilogy of house nights


Capturing the now and the next, this edition showcases the dynamic essence of modern house music: rhythmic, vibrant, and full of surprises. As you all know, House is a feeling.

We guarantee an atmosphere where spontaneity reigns and every beat tells a story. Anticipate a mix of funky beats, spanning from the iconic ’90s hits to the freshest tracks of today. Expect plenty of groovy loops that will keep you dancing all night long.


Where dreams merge with reality, set to a hypnotic 120 BPM tempo. Our Traummann nights are an invitation to a world where deep, captivating rhythms dominate, far from the mainstream noise.

Inspired by artists like Lawrence, Dj Dustin, Prince of Denmark, Fred P, Martinou, Map.ache, our carefully curated lineup promises a journey through the depths of house music, offering an experience that’s both profound and elevating.


A tribute to techno’s enduring power. This series is not just about listening; it’s about experiencing the raw, unfiltered essence of techno, in an environment that’s as intense as the music itself.