27 APRIL 2024 • 14:00 – 04:00


Haussmann first release of its ‘house edition’ @LAB-1 during Kingsday 2024.

This King’s Day, step into a domain where royalty meets rhythm at LAB-1, Eindhoven’s crown jewel of cultural spaces. Haussmann invites you to its first “house edition”, unfolding from 2:00 PM to the early hours at 4:00 AM the following day. Experience the fusion of cinematic charm and house music in a retro-vintage venue.


[14:00 – 16:00] Penzie Brothers: Tom and Jaimy, united by years of shared beats and a love for the deep house sound echoing artists like Jacques Bon and Map.ache, they will kick off King’s Day with their harmonious set.

[16:00 – 19:00] Immer, MR. J & Stevie Wonderboys:
also known as Geert, Jaap & Ruud, a trio of house connoisseurs, blend decades of friendship into a dynamic set from ’90s house classics to today’s floor-fillers.

[19:00 – 20:00] RawEndz:
Nils and Martin, the dynamic duo known for uplifting vibes and hands in the air with flawless DJ skills and classic MC lines, ensuring a set of non-stop energy.


[21:00 – 00:00] Eric Valentine & Jaimer Vincentie: A throwback to the golden days of vinyl, expect a seamless b2b session filled with pure passion and timeless tracks from this duo.

[00:00 – 02:00] Joël Hemmen:
Dive into Joel’s “less is more” philosophy, as he navigates through various styles of house music, ensuring a unique, intimate club experience.


[02:00 – 04:00] Allen Zusammen B2B2B

Venue Spotlight: LAB-1
LAB-1 is not just a cinema but a multi-faceted cultural haven in the heart of Eindhoven. With its retro-vintage ambiance, this venue combines the thrill of movie-going with the excitement of live events. Featuring two professional event spaces, a club/dance floor, and a bar, along with an outdoor area for open-air summer films, LAB-1 provides the perfect backdrop for our King’s Day celebration.

Rain or shine, the party thrives indoors, complemented by outdoor speakers that extend the festive atmosphere to the streets. While the outdoor festivities wrap up at 11:00 PM, Haussmann continues the revelry inside until 4:00 AM.

If it’s nice, play it twice.